How To: Bake a French crepe cake with chocolate filling

Bake a French crepe cake with chocolate filling

Crepes, like guys who go jogging without their shirts on, only exist to make us happy. They're there for us when our sweet tooth urges overpower our diet and when our PMS cravings send us autopiloting toward the nearest bakery and patisserie. And we never thought that crepes, in all their godlike perfection, could ever be improved upon until now.

Check out this food tutorial to learn how to bake a French crepe cake. Yup, that's right: An entire cake made out of crepes. And then filled with ooey, melt in your mouth milk chocolate. Stop drooling and watch the video for the how-to.

French dessert called "Crepe Cake" made of layers of crepes and filling in between. You are going to love it!

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