How To: Bake a simple birthday cake

Bake a simple birthday cake

This is a video that demonstrates how to make a homemade birthday cake. He uses a springform pan and brushes the entire inside with butter and dusts it with flour. He mixes flour and corn flour and puts them through a sieve. Using a mixer, he mixes eggs and then adds sugar, whisking it for about two minutes until it's light and airy. He adds flour and uses his bare hand to fold the flour into the batter. He pours the batter into the cake pan and puts it into the oven, along with another pan of slivered almonds. He makes a sugar syrup out of equal parts of sugar and water, boiling it on the stove. When the cake is baked and cooled, he uses a large knife to slice the cake into three layers. He goes back to the sugar syrup and adds orange juice and cointreau. He brushes the syrup onto the layers of the cake. Then he puts a thin layer of cream between the layers, and a layer of diced pineapple on top of that. The cake is assembled and he brushes the top with more of the syrup. He frosts the entire cake with cream using a spatula. He presses the slivered almonds to the sides of the cake with his hands. He decorates the top of the cake with a ring of strawberries around the outer edge and a circle of raspberries in the center. You can make a very fancy cake from scratch following the instructions on this video.

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