How To: Cook food in the fireplace

Cook food in the fireplace

In order to cook food in your fireplace, you will need a Dutch oven. You will also need the following ingredients: 3-4 cups of rhubarb, 3 cups of sugar, lemon juice (either freshly squeezed of from concentrate), flour, and almonds are optional. Chop up fresh rhubarb. Melt some butter in your Dutch oven. In a small bowl, coat 3-4 cups of rhubarb with 3 cups of sugar and lemon juice. Toss well. You can add lemon zest, if you choose. Toss in some almonds, if you like. Toss in a little flour. Pour the contents of your bowl into the Dutch oven. Place the Dutch oven into your fireplace. Cook until done. Serve.

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