How To: Decorate cookies for Valentine's with rolled fondant

Decorate cookies for Valentine's with rolled fondant

preparedpantry describes the process of covering sugar cookies with fondant.

Her first step is to purchase the fondant at a local store. Once done, you can go on to use food coloring to make the fondant different colors, by putting small amounts of food coloring into the fondant with a toothpick until you get your desired color. After all fondant is colored, you then roll out the fondant until it reaches the desired thickness. Using a cookie cutter you cut out the designs of your cookies into the fondant. Using a small amount of water you coat the back of the fondant to provide a sort of sticky surface which will allow the fondant to stick to the cookie. Then using a bench scraper she cuts other colors of fondant into stripes to place on top of the previous fondant cutout. Polka dotted cookies are then shown.

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