How To: Make a birthday cake in the shape of a purse

Make a birthday cake in the shape of a purse

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a birthday cake in the shape of a purse. First, bake two round cakes and place them in the fridge. After this, cut off the edge of both the cakes that are the same size. Then, take some frosting and spread it onto the cake to adhere both together. Now, push the cakes together and have them stand up straight. Use the other pieces to make a mini cake and frost both cakes all over. Then, smooth out the frosting all over the surface. Now you can start to decorate the cake with candies and other colors of frosting, enjoy!

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I really appreicated this tutorial.I am making this for my son's fiance' s birthday. I look to make cakes that look like works of art but are easy to prepare and design. Watching this has given so many ideas. I was worried how to put the fondant over the cake but now I'm not because you showed the easiest way so again thank you. Does any one have any design ideas.? for these purse cakes?

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