How To: Make boorma

Make boorma

This video demonstrates how to make a traditional Armenian dessert called boorma, which is similar to baklava. The ingredients are phyllo dough, chopped walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, and butter. Lay out the dough and butter it, then sprinkle the nuts over the dough. Roll the dough around a thin wooden dowel, and remove the dowel. Place the roll on a buttered tray. Make a syrup with boiled sugar and water with a little lemon juice, then allow it to cool. Bake the boorma and allow them to cool. Cut the boorma in half and trim the ends off. This is an interesting traditional recipe from Armenia that you can make at home.

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Thank you for your desert presentation called Boorma. You compared it with baklava which is traditional turkish delights. Interesting thing for me is that in turkish language (in some turkic dialects also) boorma means "something rolled up " (fast enough not to let ingredients outside) as you acted when making ready pieces of boorma to cook. Don't you think that the name ties something to tradition. Because, I have never seen any turkish cooky or dish called originally let say "pudding" (english) or "borsh" (russian). Could you explain what means boorma in armenian language and what makes it traditional. Thank you for your kind explanation in advance.

Turan Abbas

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