How To: Make bread & butter pudding dessert

Make bread & butter pudding dessert

OnePotChefShow presents a video on how to easily make a delicious, savory bread and butter pudding dessert. All that is needed for a dessert like this is bread, butter, cream, cinnamon, sugar, egg yolks, and sultanas (dried grapes). The One Pot Chef guides us through the process, showing us every step of the recipe and how much of each ingredient is needed. By following the One Pot Chef's instructions, you'll have yourself a delicious dessert perfect for when you're having guests.

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I absolutely Love to make the Kinds of Desserts, that Our Mother use to make when we were Kids. I'm not the Best Cook in My Family, and, I most assuredly aren't the worse. Lol. Although, I've learned to do very, very, well. Lol Min. D. HALL-WILEY. God Bless!

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