How To: Make a chocolate truffle as a chocalatier would

Make a chocolate truffle as a chocalatier would

Kerri Newell introduces Chocolatier Paul Young who shows us how to make chocolate truffles.

He explains that truffles are filled with ganache and chocolatiers sometimes call truffles ganaches, which is the smooth, creamy filling. These are usually for special occasions.

To make, you bring the cream to scorching point, some water for dilution and blending chocolate into the mixture.

He uses a 66% Caribbean chocolate in this specific example. The inside is the cream mixed with the chocolate and the harder outer shell is just the chocolate melted and reformed around the creamy center. The creamy centers can have different flavored chocolate such as strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, and any other summer fruits.

The chocolate truffle recipes use all natural ingredients.

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