How To: Make a Cream Cheese Pie

Make a Cream Cheese Pie

Want a quick pie to make for a get together? The Cream Cheese Pie is super easy to make and only has six ingredients.


1-Cup of Sugar
8 oz of Cream Cheese (Whole Box)
8oz of Cool Whip (Small Container)
1 TSP of Vanilla (Optional)
1 Graham Cracker Pie Crust
1 Can of Pie Filling

Step 1: Combine the Sugar and Cream Cheese

Put your cup of sugar and 8 oz of Cream Cheese in a bowl. Whip until all the sugar is mixed together.

Step 2: Combine with Cool Whip and Your Optional Vannilla

Now add your 8 oz of Cool Whip to the bowl, and your TSP of vanilla if wanted. Whip until the contents are all smooth.

Step 3: Pie Shell

Now you can pour the contents of the bowl into your pie shell and smooth it out.

Step 4: Pie Filling

Now you will top with a can of pie filling. I usually use the whole can, but you don't have to.

Step 5: Chill

Now let the pie chill for about two hour.

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