How To: Make an easy homemade cheesecake

Make an easy homemade cheesecake

In this video you'll learn how to make an easy and delicious home made cheesecake topped with some fresh kiwi slices. Easy and quick to eat for you and the entire family. This is a perfect desert to make for the next family function for everyone to enjoy. It's also to cook for those of you on a budget.

For the Crust:
15-16 Oatmeal cookies ( or whichever you prefer )
6-7 Tbsps of melted butter/ margarine
For the custard/filling:
2 containers of cream cheese ( 500grams )
2 small eggs
1 tbsp of pure vanilla extract
4-5 tbsps of strawberry syrup ( or 7-8 pureed strawberries )
1/2 cup of sugar
For garnish:
2 kiwis

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