How To: Make an emperor's crumbs Austrian dessert (aka császármorzsa / kaiserschmarrn)

Make an emperor's crumbs Austrian dessert (aka császármorzsa / kaiserschmarrn)

In the mood for a tasty dessert? This Austrian dessert should do the trick, plus it's super easy to make! It's one of Central Europe's favorite sweets. It's Austrian-German name of kaiserschmarrn, translates to "emperor mishmash," but it's usually called simply emperor's crumbs. In Hungary, it's referred to as császármorzsa, or sometimes just smarni.

Emperor's crumbs is a great dessert, which can also be a nice brunch dish. This video recipe shows step-by-step preparations for 5-6 portions.


* 2¼ cup/300 g semolina
* 3 cups/750 ml milk
* 2 tsp vanilla extract
* 5 eggs, separated
* pinch salt
* 1½ cups/300 g sugar
* zest from 1 lemon
* 50 g butter for sauteing
* powdered sugar, compote or jam or all three as topping


* Mix together the semolina, flour and milk. Let it sit for an hour or so to let the semolina absorb the milk.
* Mix the egg yolks together with sugar and stir it into the milk mixture.
* Whip the egg whites and a pinch of salt into firm peaks and fold it into the milk/egg mixture.
* Melt the butter and add the batter. Stir the batter with a spatula or wooden spoon until it starts to form little clumps – crumbs. Depending on the size of the pan this can take up to 30 minutes.
* Serve hot with powdered sugar or with jam, or with compote or drizzle with some syrup.

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