How To: Make ginger ice cream

Make ginger ice cream

In this tutorial, we learn how to make ginger ice cream. You will need: cream, milk, ginger, and eggs to make this. First, take 2 c milk and heat it up in a sauce pan. After this, cut the skin off of the ginger and then grate it into the milk. Next, stir this and keep your eye on it so it doesn't boil or stick to the sides. Check the temperature until it gets to 160 degrees. While this is heating up, separate four eggs from their yolks, then whisk the eggs in a separate bowl. Add in the sugar, then pour the ginger and milk combination in with the eggs slowly. Next, place all this over heat again and heat it until it gets thick, then strain it into a bowl. After this, taste it and see if it needs any more ginger and add in if necessary. Now you will need to bring the temperature of this down and place it into an ice cream maker. After this, your ice cream will be finished and ready to serve!

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