How To: Make holiday hershey's kiss chocolate mice cookies

Make holiday hershey's kiss chocolate mice cookies

Your mice (not to mention little ones with a sugar craving) will be stirring the night before Christmas with these irresistable mouse cookies made from oreo cookies, hershey's kisses, maraschino cherries, and a bunch of other chocolatey goodies.

While finding mouse around your house during the holidays isn't one gift you'd like to receive during the holidays, we can bet both you and your kiddos will not be able to keep your hands off these delicious little guys.

You will need:
-Chocolate kisses (macadamia nut ones are the best)
-Oreo cookies (or any other flat cookie for that matter)
-Maraschino Cherries (drained and patted dry) with stems or without
-string licorice (any colour) if you can't find cherries with stems.
-sliced almonds
-coloured icing
-chocolate chips or chocolate candy melting wafers
-parafin or shortening

For about 2 dozen mice:

1.Melt 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips and parafin (or 1 tbsp shortening) in a double boiler or microwave.

2.Dip top of cookie into chocolate, place and sprinkle on a few candy decorations.

3.If using a cherry with a stem, hold the stem and dip the cherry into the chocolate until well covered.
If using a stemless cherry, use a toothpick to dip the cherry into the chocolate. Keep track of where the hole in the cherry is as you will be using that hole to insert the licorice tail.

4.Place the cherry on the chocolate covered cookie, immediately place a chocolate kiss next to the cherry and gently push them together.

5. If using licorice, insert into hole in mouse and bring tail around to side of mouse and gently push into chocolate on cookie to hold it in place.

6. Insert two sliced almonds between the kiss and the cherry to make the ears.

7.Using some icing, make two eyes on kiss and add a nose if you'd like!

8. Chill until set.

Make holiday hershey's kiss chocolate mice cookies

Make holiday hershey's kiss chocolate mice cookies Click through to watch this video on

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