How To: Make homemade matcha green tea ice cream

Make homemade matcha green tea ice cream

You've heard of a great cup of matcha green tea, well how about a great green tea dessert. In this HowTo video we show you a delicious recipe for matcha green tea ice cream.

Ingredients for matcha green tea ice cream:
* Matcha Mixture: 60g, or 8-10g of Pure Matcha + 50g of Sugar
* Sugar: 50g
* Milk: 20cl
* Cream: 20cl
* Yolks: 4

The method

1. Beat yolks on the boiling water (double-boil).
2. Add sugar into 1, and stir until thickened.
3. Add milk and mix well.
4. Add Matcha mixture and mix them well.
5. Cool down 4 with ice or in the fridge.
6. Strain and add 4 into hard whisked cream, and mix them.
7. Put 6 into the ice cream maker. In case there is no ice cream maker, put 6 into the shallow container and freeze it, and mix it every 30 minutes for 4 times.

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