How To: Make an ice cream float

Make an ice cream float

Mix up your favorite soda with a scoop of ice cream to enjoy this sweet American tradition!
Learn how to make an ice cream float with this Howcast recipe guide.

You Will Need
* A tall glass
* Your favorite soda
* Ice cream or sorbet
* Ice cream scoop
* Whipped cream
* A long straw
* Candy or nuts

Step 1: Pour soda in the glass
Fill the glass two-thirds full with soda and wait for the fizz to settle.

Step 2: Scoop the ice cream
Use the ice cream scoop to portion one large scoop per float.
*Tip: Vanilla is the traditional flavor in a float, but you can use any ice cream you want, even a fruity sorbet.

Step 3: Put ice cream in the glass
Gently drop the ball of ice cream into the glass. The soda will start to fizz!

Step 4: Top with whipped cream
Top with whipped cream and add a straw.
*Tip: Add candy pieces or nuts for an extra-special treat.

Step 5: Enjoy
Drink up! Voila! An ice cream float.

*Fact: Traditional ice cream floats were made by combining either 7 UP or Coca-Cola with vanilla ice cream.

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