How To: Make Indian besan ki burfi (magas) dessert

Make Indian besan ki burfi (magas) dessert

This tutorial shows you how to make Magas (Indian Besan ki Burfi).
Here are the ingredients you need:
One cup chickpea flour
One tablespoon milk with one tablespoon ghee
Half cup ghee
Half cup of sugar
One tablespoon Cardamom powder quarter
Charoli and sliced Almonds.

First, warm the milk and ghee for 10 seconds till the ghee melts.
Add the above to the chickpea powder and mix it all.
Leave it aside for 5 to 6 minutes.
Now, put the mixture in a sieve with large holes to get a good texture.
Take a pan put it on medium heat, add ghee and allow it to melt.
Now reduce the heat and add the chickpea mix.
Once the color changes, add the sugar. Now you should be stirring the mixture.
Add cardamom powder and keep mixing it.
Put the mixture in the small pan. Allow it to rest and then cut to pieces.
Your Magas (Indian Besan ki Burfi) is ready.

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