How To: Make Japanese jasmine tea shaved ice for summer

Make Japanese jasmine tea shaved ice for summer

Chances are you've had shaved ice before. As a kid, it's hard to go through the summer without nomming on one of these sweet, cold treats, usually chipped ice topped with various rainbow hues of orange, mango, or grape syrup.

But how about something a little healthier? Check out this food video to learn how to make your very own Japanese jasmine tea shaved ice.

Amy Blogs Chow makes a Stupidly Simple Snack with Ethan Frisch, chef and co-owner of Guerrilla Ice Cream, a new ice cream cart that sells at NYC food markets and restaurants throughout the city. To combat the summer heat, we make jasmine tea shaved ice, a snowy, sweet dessert that's not only easy, but light and refreshing.

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