How To: Make a lemon semifreddo

Make a lemon semifreddo

With this simple recipe you will be enjoying a great dessert in no time. This recipe is for lemon semifreddo and to begin you want to crack 4 large eggs into a mixing bowl. Next, you want to add 1/2 of sugar plus another tbsp or two and whip up the mixture until it's light and fluffy. Next, you want to zest 2 large lemons and mix the zest into the mixture. Now, take half a lemon and squeeze the juice out into the bowl, making sure to avoid getting seeds inside it. Next, take 2 1/4 cups of heavy whipping cream and whip it until it fluffs and then add 1/3 of the bowl into the egg mixture and whisk it. Now add the last 2/3 of the bowl using a folding method to mix it in and then take 4 serving bowls and evenly divide the mix into them. Lastly, just put them into the freezer until it's like ice cream and serve.

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This looks really good and is simple to make, but what about cooking the egg mixture before adding the whipping cream? With the salmonella egg recalls, I think I would do that just to be safe.

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