How To: Make a light pan-baked lemon almond tart

Make a light pan-baked lemon almond tart

Dessert has pretty bad connotations. After all, starving models and women trying to lose weight are often stereotyped as saying "no" to dessert in an effort to cut calories and not look like a piggy in front of friends (or a handsome date). It's pretty crappy, this world that we live in, with so much good food that's so bad for you tempting our every mealtime.

If you're a foodie who loves dessert but isn't willing to sacrifice your waistline to eat well, then this is the perfect dessert to make. In this episode of The Minimalist with Mark Bittman, you'll learn how to make a light pan-baked lemon almond tart that's (gasp!) healthy yet tasty.

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