How To: Make marzipan roses and rose buds when cake decorating

Make marzipan roses and rose buds when cake decorating

This video shows you how to make marzipan roses and rose buds when cake decorating. Cut disks with cutters. You need two sizes, small and large. Cut 5 of each and roll a ball of marzipan. Make this into a cone. Flatten out the disks to make them thin. Wrap these petals one by one around the cone. Squeeze the bottom and bend the petal edges out. If your fingers stick then rub them in a little corn starch or cornflour. Always use an odd number of petals. Pinch the flower head off the base and make it bulbous in shape. Cut three green leaves per rose. Press a knife along the centre to make a vein and cut serrated edges. You can place the finished roses in an egg carton to dry. Rosebuds are made in the same way, but you will only need three petals. Let the leaves hug the rosebud a little more closely. You can add color mist spray if you want to make a two tone rose.

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