How To: Make Moroccan "Zellige" cookie truffles

Make Moroccan "Zellige" cookie truffles

The Middle East is well known for entrees filled with a deeply marinated, spice-ridden flavor that really sinks in and takes your taste buds for a spin. But Middle Eastern desserts are just as savory, though obviously at the opposite spectrum of flavor.

Case in point? These melt in your mouth Moroccan "Zellige" cookie truffles, made with chocolate surrounded by almond paste and then dipped in chocolate and then coated with various delicious coatings, is extremely sweet in the best way possible. The chocolate prevents the almond paste from becoming too sweet on the tongue while imparting a rich, creamy taste.

Usually the 'Zellige' cookie is an almond paste sandwiched between two layers of chocolate and has a squared shape. The recipe presented in this video is a variation of the 'Zellige' cookie.

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