How To: Make a Mother's Day hat cake

Make a Mother's Day hat cake

You have your gift and a card and now all you need that special cake for mom on Mother's Day. You've tried other cakes now try a hat cake. This festive and spring inspired hat cake is sure to make this year's Mother's Day a memorable one.

Show your mom how much you appreciate her by making a cake that expresses her style and personality.

You Will Need

* 1 box of cake mix, any flavor
* An egg
* Oil
* A 9-inch round cake pan
* An 8-inch round cake pan
* Scissors
* Parchment paper
* A 12-inch cardboard round
* Two 12-ounce cans of frosting
* Ribbon
* Flowers
* Candles

Step 1: Prepare cakes

Prepare the box of cake mix according to the package directions using water, the egg, and oil. Preheat oven.

Step 2: Place in pan

Divide the batter between the 8-inch pan and the 9-inch pan and bake.

Let the cake cool completely before cutting or frosting.

Step 3: Cut paper

Use the scissors to cut a 6-inch circle out of parchment paper and place it on top of the 8-inch cake. Trim the cake around the parchment paper so the cake is 6 inches in diameter.

Step 4: Place cake

Place the 9-inch cake on the 12-inch cardboard round. Spread some frosting on the middle of the 9-inch cake and place the 6-inch cake on top.

Step 5: Frost cake

Frost the cake with the spatula, starting at the sides. Decorate the cake by putting ribbon around the top layer of the cake to form a hat ribbon, and place flowers on the "brim."

Step 6: Use colors

Use your mother's favorite candies and flowers to finish decorating. Transfer the cake to a cake stand.

Before the advent of baking powder, wedding cakes at medieval Anglo-Saxon weddings were dry, hard, unleavened biscuits.

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