How To: Make an Oreo ice cream cake

Make an Oreo ice cream cake

This video is part of Laura in the Kitchen series and in this video Laura explains about the making of Oreo Ice Cream Cake. The materials required are vanilla ice cream, store bottle of caramel sauce, stored bottle of chocolate syrup, some walnut cookies and walnut in syrup. The video begins a plastic wrap in a nine spring can and the wrap is to enable the easier lifting of the cake. You have to place the ice cream in a bowl for 45 minutes at room temperature to make it nice and soft. Laura places the cookies along the edges and the bottom of the can. Mix the caramel sauce and the chocolate syrup into the ice cream. Now take the cookies in a big strip up bag and whack it with a heavy object to break it into crumbles and mix them into ice cream along with walnut syrup. Now spill the ice cream into the spring bowl and sprinkle some of the left out walnut crumbs on top of it. Now pour some caramel sauce above it and leave it in the freezer for 46 hours. This is a great video for those looking to try out a new recipe and those who want to make a great cake.

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