How To: Make Pakistani besan halwa dessert

Make Pakistani besan halwa dessert

This video is about how to make beasn ka halwa

First mix 1 cup sugar & 1 cup of water, add safrron threads & kep it on fire to boil & remove it from fire & keep aside
In a separate pan pour oil & heat it on slow flame. Now add besan & roast it in the oil till light brown then add i cup suji & again roast it and add 1 cup of milk powder & mix for around 2 min & add the sugar syrup made earlier to this mixture & roast it for 3 min
Meanwhile grease a dish required to set the halwa
Remove the mixture from fire & spread it on the dish & cool it & decorate it with silver leaves & set it in the refrigerator
Cut the halwa in diamond shape & serve

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