How To: Make Rock Candy Crystals at Home

Make Rock Candy Crystals at Home

In this tutorial, Anne Marie shows us how to make rock candy at home. Rock candy is simply sugar crystals, and you can make this at home in any color or flavor you like easily. The only ingredients you need are sugar and water, though you can add color and flavor as you like. To make these, first add in 1 cup water with 3 cups sugar and a few drops of food coloring into a hot saucepan. Stir constantly while bringing the solution to a boil. Now, grab a container and pour your solution into it, along with a string (which will be what you eat off of). Grow this solution somewhere it won't be disturbed, and put a cover around it. Give the rock candy a few days to form, and you can eat it right away or you can keep it until a later date!

Rock Candy - How to Make Rock Candy Video

Rock Candy - How to Make Rock Candy Video You don't have to visit a candy store to get colorful rock candy. See how easy it is to grow your own sparkling (and tasty) rock candy crystals at home.

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