How To: Make a tasty cupcake

Make a tasty cupcake

Throughout this video, The Cupcake Special, with Realizing Nuala, you listen to the song "Happy" as you watch a young woman demonstrate the correct and incorrect methods of baking and icing cupcakes. She begins the video by baking several dozen chocolate cupcakes in small paper cups. Then moves onto beating the icing, starting with orange, and then chocolate, and continues on making several other colors. Amidst the creation of the icing, you are shown other decorative features made for the cupcakes, such as cookie-like cut-outs of people in green, green-blue and orange colors, as well as different forms of sprinkles. The woman demonstrates how to fill an icing bag with a special tip to create the correct icing texture, and then move the bag in a circular motion while squeezing out the icing to create the desired icing effect. She then like-wise demonstrates the incorrect method of applying the icing, and the end visual result of the "wrong method." The young woman then finishes by decorating the cupcakes with the decorative effects previously mentioned. By watching this video you will know exactly how to correctly apply icing to cupcakes and what the results of incorrectly applying the icing would be.

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