How To: Make your own simple syrup for desserts

Make your own simple syrup for desserts

Making a simple Mediterranean syrup. This syrup is made with sugar, water, lemon juice, orange blossom water and rose water. You need 2 cups of sugar to one cup of water. You also need a large pot, because the syrup splatters. You use a half of a lemon, be sure to remove the seeds. Put on medium to high heat, let the sugar, water and lemon juice simmer for about ten minutes, the mixture will become very clear. Then you add 1 tablespoon of orange blossom water and 1 tablespoon rose water, two flavors that are distinctive of Mediterranean cooking. The mixture will become thick from letting it boil. After cooled, the syrup will be a pale yellow color, with a very thick consistency. You can use this for almost every Mediterranean desert. It can also be stored very well, put it in a tight jar or the refrigerator. The syrup will last for about two months refrigerated.

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