How to Prepare a delicious chocolate lava cake with brownie mix

Whether you're ready for it or not, Valentine's Day is only a week away. Which means it's prime time to start thinking about gifts (sorry guys, $5 chocolates from the gas station won't do) and Valentine's Day dinner.

Treat her to a scrumptious dessert she won't soon forget by preparing this oh-so-delicious chocolate lava cake made with a premade brownie mix. You'll learn a method for inserting chocolate pudding into the cake for that lava effect.


1 chocolate pudding and pie filling mix (along with milk, as directed by the mix instructions)
1 chocolate cake mix (along with eggs, oil, and water, as directed by the mix instructions)
1 muffin tin with 6 small cups, 2 ½-inches across the top
1 muffin tin with 6 large cups, 3 ½-inches across the top
cooking oil spray
vanilla ice cream

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