RECIPE: Pumpkin Pie Made with Vodka

Pumpkin Pie Made with Vodka

Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts and of great mystery to me. I've made it with fresh pumpkin and homemade crust. I've made it with canned pumpkin and frozen crust. They came out nearly identical. Yet I've had fluffy, perfect to-die-for pumpkin pie at Los Angeles' widely popular Urth Cafe (which I haven't been able to replicate at home). What's the secret recipe to truly out of the box pumpkin pie?

Maybe Instructables founder Eric J. Wilhelm has the answer. His recently posted pumpkin pie recipe is a twisted take on classic Cooks Illustrated recipes, calling for unusual ingredients such as vodka, candied yams, maple syrup and apple cider.

I'm eager to try! Does anyone out there have THE perfect recipe for pumpkin pie? Share below.

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