How To: Bake green chili pepper cookies

Bake green chili pepper cookies

Cookies… when you think of them, you think of sugar, nuts… chocolate, but the one thing you never imagine is peppers. But once you try these green chile pepper cookies, you'll never go back to the average Toll House variety. Maria Collins bakes a batch of sweet, tangy and crunchy cookies made with corneal, whole wheat and oat flour. Roasted Anaheim and serrano green chiles add just the right touch of heat while fresh lime juice in the cookie dough and finishing glaze makes this a citrus lovers' treat. Thanks, Maria!


Makes about 3 dozen

Cookie Dough

* 8 tbsp (1 stick) butter, slightly softened
* 1 cup white or evaporated cane sugar
* zest of 3 limes
* 1 egg
* ¹/8 tsp almond extract
* juice of 1 lime
* 1 Anaheim & 2 serrano chiles, roasted, seeded, cooled & diced*
* ¼ cup yellow cornmeal, coarse-grind
* ¾ cup white cornmeal, fine-grind
* 1 cup white whole-wheat flour
* ½ cup oat flour
* ½ tsp kosher salt
* ½ tsp baking soda
* ¼ tsp baking powder


* ? to 1 cup powdered sugar
* juice of 2 limes
* pinch of salt

Special Equipment

* stand or hand mixer
* #60 portioning scoop
* parchment paper
* baking sheets
* cooling racks
* whisk


Roast Chiles (this step is not shown in the video)

1. First put on gloves and do not touch your eyes while handling chiles. Slice chiles lengthwise and scoop out seeds with a spoon
2. Broil, oven-roast or grill chiles frequently, until charred (mostly blackened) on all sides
3. Place in a plastic bag and let steam for 10-15 minutes
4. Remove from bag and cut into small dice. Set aside until step 4 below

Bake green chili pepper cookies

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