How To: Make a sugarcraft teddy bear

Make a sugarcraft teddy bear

Barbara Wilson of BarbraEllin Cakes demonstrates how to make an edible Teddy Bear out of flour paste icing. You will need some edible glue, spaghetti, a knife tool, a small brush, a sharp craft knife, a mouth tool and a stitch tool.

Roll out a ball of icing for the body and smaller balls for the arms and legs. Press indents into the sides of the body for the arms and legs. Roll out a strip and cut it in two for the legs. Bend the bottom up to form the feet. Brush on some edible glue and glue the legs to the body. Now roll a strip for the arms, cut it in two, apply glue and press onto the body in position.

With the stitch tool make a line up the front of the body. Stick a piece of spaghetti into the top to hold the head in place, then roll the head and place it on the spaghetti. Glue a small white piece on the face. Form the ears out of small pink pieces with white for the inside. Run the stitch tool from the nose up to the top and across the top. Poke in the eyes with a piece of spaghetti. Glue a small pink nose on the face, and make the mouth with the mouth tool. Finally, make two white balls, flatten them and glue them to the bottom of the feet. The finished product is a very adorable and edible Teddy Bear.

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