How To: Decorate cupcakes with smooth frosting

Decorate cupcakes with smooth frosting

Stephannie teaches us how she prepares her "not so famous" mini cupcakes for a nephew's birthday party. After mixing up the yellow cake mix and putting it into a large plastic bag, you cut the end off the bag and squeeze the batter into cupcake cups within a pan. You should then proceed to cook them at 300 degrees F for 15 minutes until they are done. With a bit of humor Stephannie shows us how to mix food coloring into white frosting and a neat icing trick. By placing it in the microwave after coloring you can simply dip cupcakes into the frosting for smooth even icing. Afterward, using plain white icing in a plastic bag with the corner cut out you can add designs to each cupcake and your mini cupcakes are complete.

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