How To: Make an ice cream soda

Make an ice cream soda

Forget lavish desserts and complicated recipes. Ice cream sodas are a delicious treat you can whip up in just a minute. Learn how to make an ice cream soda with this recipe guide from Howcast.

You Will Need:
* A tall glass
* 3 tbsp flavored syrup of your choice
* Carbonated water
* A long spoon
* Ice cream
* A spoon or straw

Step 1: Add syrup
Pour the syrup into the glass.
*Tip: Vanilla or chocolate syrup are often used, but fruit and nut flavors also work well.

Step 2: Add carbonated water
Add the carbonated water until the glass is about three-quarters full.

Step 3: Stir
Stir the syrup into the water.

Step 4: Scoop ice cream
Add one or two scoops of ice cream.

Step 5: Complete
Alternate sips of sweet soda with bites of ice cream. Yum!

*Fact: In Australia, ice cream sodas are called "spiders."

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