How To: Make the cherpumple aka the "monster" pie-cake

Make the cherpumple aka the "monster" pie-cake

Charles Phoenix teaches the secrets of making the cherpumple aka the "monster" pie-cake. An excellent summary is given below. First take already baked apple pie, pumpkin pie and cherry pie and keep it aside. Add the cake mix with some water, oil and eggs and stir it well using a beater. Now spray the Pam, add a little batter, put the already baked apple pie and add some more batter on top. Now bake it in a oven for 30 minutes and repeat the same process for the other 2 pies. Now place the apple cake, frost it with some whipped cream, place the pumpkin cake on its top and frost it. Finally place the cherry cake over it and add a lot of frosting on top and all its sides and serve it. Follow Charles Phoenix's steps and try to make the cherpumple aka the "monster" pie-cake on your own and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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