How To: Bake a currant and orange cake from scratch

Bake a currant and orange cake from scratch

Betty Crocker will always have a fond place in our hearts, but every now and then we find it fun - and okay, maybe a little ego boosting - to bake a cake all our own from scratch (gasp!). While the concept is unheard of amongst busy adults and college students, baking using only what you have at home (and not something premixed) is well worth the effort.

Because most cake mixes are made of flour, yeast, and two hundred different artificial flavorings and colorings, it's also safer to get your Martha on and just DIY. Watch this tutorial to learn how to bake a fresh currant and orange cake from scratch.

Join Diva Dan, Canada's Cooking Diva in his kitchen as he shows you how to do a orange currant cake right from scratch. This cake is absolutely delicious. He uses Currants from his garden. Not complicated but fabulous.

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